SCII Performance Specifications:


Min. Speed              10-20mph

Cruise Speed           100 mph

Top Speed              120 mph

Rate of Climb          1000 fpm

Takeoff Distance      50-200 feet

Landing Distance      0-20 feet

Service Ceiling         18,000 feet

Range at Cruise        300 sm


SCII Specifications


Empty Weight          1000 lbs.

Useful Load             500-600 lbs.

Gross Weight           1700 lbs.

Cabin Width             49"

Aircraft Width           81"

Height                     10'

Length                    15.5'

Rotor Diameter        31'

Engine                    Lycoming IO 360 (230HP)

Fuel                        100LL AV Gas

Fuel Consumption     8-10 GPH

Fuel capacity            27 Gallons

Operating Cost               $64.52/hr.

(subject to change)


This decision was made after a year of testing with several configurations.  Also the cruciform tail seemed to "hunt" at high speeds and this needed to be changed.  We are very pleased with the new tail design as it far outperformed the cruciform design and has fixed the stability issues for both pitch and yaw.  The horizontal stabilizer has a slightly larger surface than before, and because it is out in cleaner airflow it is not starved during quickly reduced power settings. 

Sportcopter II - Superior by Design

The New "SPORTCOPTER II" (SCII) has features like no other two-place on the market today!  It has a roomier cabin (49" interior width) for better cockpit management not only adding comfort to its occupants but also giving a very generous cargo room behind the seats.  The cabin is equipped with forced air ventilation and heat.  The handsomely designed instrument panel is efficient and also compact.  The fully glassed pod allows all wiring to be neatly tucked, out of the way, for complete protection.  This panel can be as sophisticated as you would like including (EFIS) glass cockpit instrumentation.  The cabin and engine of the SCII are completely enclosed. This gives the SCII added propeller efficiency, all weather capability, and effective protection of vital components. The Lycoming I0360 (230 hp) air cooled engine provides incredible power which enhances performance especially in hot climates.  Owing to the SCII higher gross weight and the need for very rough-field capability, an incredible suspension system was selected for the main gear, furnishing maximum vertical undercarriage travel for absorbing extreme impact on landings.  This system is also designed for slow speed, drop-in landings.  The SCII is equipped with an improved version of our original unique caster nosewheel configuration which is found in other Sport Copter models.  So in case you were to land in a cross configuration, touching down sideways, this self-tracking nosewheel will help prevent any type of roll over.

A new Sport Copter feature you will see on this design is a very powerful prerotator system which will render incredibly short take-offs!  The triple vertical stabilizer/rudder system provides stability in slow flight maneuvering and high-speed cruise, minimizing pilot workload.  This superior system is less sensitive in-flight giving more stability and better handling.  Due to the fact that this aircraft will have a higher cruise speed, a proper center of pressure was applied to this design. A version of the SCII will conform to the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) .

"The SCII flies steady on the stick, offers a quiet ride and gives complete comfort while racing along.  Visibility moves from every angle as you get a bird's eye view, while effortlessly moving the stick through maneuvers.  A steady rotor system, easy handling, roomy cabin with sturdy suspension making landing a breeze is only some of the selling points.  The breath taking body design and sleek appearance will be just a perk!When coming in for a landing you can literally "drop" in from as high as 15 feet and the beefy suspension grabs and glides the occupants to a perfect touch down landing….making any landing look flawless.  We are currently working on editing the new video and will be available soon!" (quote from a gyro pilot's first flight in the SCII...March 2008 )            

Sport Copter, Inc. has long been known as the leading force in gyroplane design and currently there are no other cross country gyroplanes that will compare to the quality and performance of the SPORTCOPTER II!

What We Offer

1) The "QUICK BUILD" HIGH PERFORMANCE KIT:  As soon as we open kit production we will be offering a pre-fabricated one piece cabin, so that no gluing is required to assemble the kit. 

2) The "LAW ENFORCEMENT" SCII:  For governmental and law enforcement agencies. Additional options are available for other applications.

For more information CLICK HERE


3)  The "LSA VERSION": This kit will come with the Rotax 914 and will be a slightly smaller version of the SCII model.

The SPORTCOPTER II  made its first flight on 09/11/07 and we have been continuing to put it through the paces of "pushing the envelope" type maneuvers, further testing the performance of its capabilities.   During the last two years of testing we made the decision to go with a more reliable, higher horsepower aircraft engine, changed the tail design for better performance, as described in more detail below.   

Currently we are finishing the testing and readying for full kit production.  We are also working on the SCII LSA version w/ Rotax 914.  If you are interested in reserving a serial number for this new aircraft please contact us and we will put you on our list.  Please watch for updates on this new design!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call…503-543-7000, and we will be glad to answer them!

SCII Photos

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SCII Videos