Testimonial from Doug S.

Here are some pictures of my Gyro (gallery at right). I had to extended my tail pipe it was cooking my graphic on the tail. I think the graphic are pretty cool on this one also.   Very powerful and sweet flying machine. The suspension is awesome... Everyone that has ever flown at Mentone know how rough the grass strip is on the Westside of the runway, it was handling that like I was driving on powder. You can land it in very rough terrain and the power that the engine supplies allows for very short take offs.  I have had the pre-rotator spun up to 298 RPM's. The engine is a Viking engine, very smooth. I am getting 4 gal per hour fuel burn, running 91 octane auto gas. Warp drive prop 68". Same frame as a M912 just has a different engine on it. I had a few little issues with some oil leaks on the engine at the beginning but they are all taken care of. The engine is evolving and being perfected, seems like every day. There's a turbo unit on one of the Viking engines at Mentone this year, it's still being tested and proven. Sportcopter was great to work with on creating a mast and all the other incidentals to mount this engine to the frame. Like always Jim V. wants to make sure everything will be correct before it leaves his facility. The mast was tweaked, pulled, twisted and revised before I even got it to finish the build.

I don't think Jim ever backs down from a challenge.

This aircraft has a lot of new innovations that are cutting edge from the team at Sportcopter. 
I had a great time at Mentone this year just like the years before and I talk to a lot of pilots and potential pilots. Thanks to PRA for doing what you do for all of us. I know it is a thankless job, (So Thank You ) I love getting together with old and new friends and of course I love the flying at Mentone.

Scott B in his plane and I in my Sportcopter flew 140 miles (one way) from Dayton to Mentone and back. What a great adventure and an awesome flight. 

Can't wait till next year. 

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Doug, Did you build a new machine? Or did you upgrade the old one?
Where are the videos? 

I was going to upgrade my old one but there were only three parts that was going to stay the same the rest was going to be new. My old Sportcopter Vortex was just too pretty to cannibalize... So I put her on the market to see if she would sell and she sold within a week. So that open the door for a new prototype project with Sportcopter. That was over a year in the making butt it was also a prototype. Good things sometimes take a while but once there done, that's when the fun really starts. 
Doug S. (won Grand Champion, Spot Landing and Egg drop at Mentone 2014)