All-Aluminum High Performance Rotorblades

Sport USA, LLC started the production of its new line of rotorblades in response to the needs of those who demand greater quality, strength, and performance of their rotor system.

What makes them different?

  • Aerospace adhesives for a true bond -- makes a big difference!
  • Unique streamlined design / high lift / low drag -- no rivets!
  • Greatest peel strength for hot and humid conditions
  • Greatest longevity of any bonded aluminum rotor system available
  • Excellent auto-rotation capabilities at low and high speeds
  • Ease & simplicity of assembly
  • Automatic positioning for coning angle & lead lag -- 8" & 8.5" chord
  • Adjustable pitch and adjustable tracking
  • Gold cadmium finished retention straps
  • Durable, white epoxy urethane finish
  • Rated high in overall performance

Tracking Sport Rotors

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